Amigo Cargo System

Amigo Cargo System is used for monitoring crime affecting the transport and haulage industry, such as systematic crime targeting the delivery of goods and diesel thefts. It is an automatic alarm system for theft attractive transports that must be watched over with higher security.


Both the cab and the cargo area are secured with infrared detectors, these are connected to a NEO 2900 alarm transmitter (pictured above).

The alarm transmitter is, among other things, equipped with:

  • IR detectors and a powerful GPS for positioning
  • a vibration sensor
  • a 12/24V charger
  • back-up battery up to 14 days.

Example scenario

When a truck arrives in a Geofence zone, such as a terminal where loading normally occurs, the alarm can be turned off/on by the driver's NEO 200.
When the truck leaves the zone the alarm will be activated automatically. The alarm can therefore only be turned off when the truck is within a given Geofence zone, such as a terminal where the goods are unloaded.

Anchor watch

The anchor watch enables the driver to stop and take a break at pre-programmed Geofence zones. If the vehicle stops in any other place, an alarm is immediately sent to the alarm monitoring centre.

Using a personal alarm as a remote control

The function button on the personal alarm (1) can be programmed to send an SMS to the vehicle alarm NEO 2900 Cargo. NEO 200 thus becomes a remote control that can turn the cargo alarm on and off whether it is the cab or the cargo area. When the alarm in the vehicle is activated, a red LED flashes on the personal alarm (2).