Mobile construction alarms

NEO 2900 enables you to easily set up alarms for work sheds, containers, tool trucks and machinery.


Many leading construction companies in Sweden use Amigo alarms though their contracted security companies. This mobile alarm system has led to the arrests of many thieves, and is therefore a cost-effective way to lower the overall costs of potential damages.

Examples of areas of use:

  • storage containers
  • diesel depots
  • portacabins
  • temporary white good warehouses
  • properties
  • construction machinery.

Quick installation:

  • Place the mobile alarm in the chosen area.
  • Point the IR detector in the required direction.
  • Send an ON command to the alarm.

Wireless alarm system

Place any number of alarms in strategic places on the construction site, it could be NEO 320 with IR or NEO 2900 of any model.

These will send the alarm to a NEO 2900 with GPS, which in turn will send the alarm to the alarm monitoring centre. Setting the alarms up this way allows you to have a connection to the monitoring centre, as well as any number of Amigo NEO operating. The monitoring centre also sees the position on a map and can therefore verify the alarmed object more easily.