Personal security in the retail industry

Amigo is a modern and effective alarm system developed for people working in the retail industry. Amigo alarms are used daily in many shopping centres and by security guards working for Sweden's leading retailers.

Easy and quick

If a threat arises it is often inconvenient and inappropriate to pick up the phone to call the security guards. In some situations it may even be perceived as a provocation and could therefore exacerbate the situation. Push the alarm button instead!

An appropriate situation to send an alarm is:

  • if you are experiencing a situation that is unpleasant even though nothing has happened and it is more of a gut feeling!
  • if you have customers in the store that exhibit abnormal behaviour patterns
  • if you suspect petty theft or shoplifting
  • if known offenders are in the store.

A direct alarm without an alarm monitoring centre

NEO 300 is often used as an alarm directly connected to security guards. When you push the alarm button, they receive the alarm on their mobile phones and can act immediately.

NEO 300 Staff protection alarm

NEO 300 comes configured and ready to use. The alarm transmitter is programmed to send an alarm to a specified recipient and requires no installation.

Single or double-pushing the alarm button

It is always better to push the alarm button one time too many rather than too few! The alarm is there for your safety.


If you push the button once, a message is sent to the security guards that you want them to come to the store, but there is no panic.
If you push the alarm button twice, it sends a priority alarm. This is interpreted as an altercation or assault situation and the security guards will rush to the store in a high state of readiness.

Altercation or assault alarm

If the alarm button is pushed twice in a row, a priority alarm is sent (shown in red).

  • If your alarm has less than 20% battery, a low-battery alert is sent to the security guard's Amigo Mobile.
  • Once the alarm has been activated it is possible for the security guard to call the alarm to listen-in to the ongoing situation. To prevent unauthorized use of this function it is only possible to activate the microphone once the alarm has been activated.

Mobile alarm monitoring centre

Amigo Mobile, the security guards' mobile alarm monitoring centre differentiates between priority and non-priority alarms.


If the alarm button is pushed once, an alarm is sent to the security guard's Amigo Mobile. The alarm is shown on the display (in orange) indicating that you want the security guard to come to the store.