Vehicles and Transports

The flow of goods is constantly increasing and the transport sector is a rapidly growing industry. It is extremely vulnerable to theft and is therefore in need of reliable and flexible solutions. Amigo alarms are frequently used for monitoring transports.

Alarms with positioning

The equipment and the functions are adapted to the needs of the user. In some cases automatic functions are needed to reduce human error, and in other cases it is the need for long operating life that matters. Amigo is a scalable and configurable alarm system that is optimized for the task.

Automatic alarms - Example

The function is tailored to your needs. An alarm can be turned on automatically if it is within or outside a certain geographic area. It can remain turned off while driving and turned on when the vehicle has stopped, or only be turned off within a Geofence area.

Alarms in the cargo area

One or more sensors are set to detect intrusion or movement and will generate alarms to predefined recipients. It could be a permanent installation or a temporary mobile alarm system meaning a flexible solution for use in multiple vehicles.

Travelling cross-border

If a vehicle leaves the country, an alarm may be sent to any receiver indicating that it no longer is in Sweden. This could either activate the alarm or be sent as a message to the dispatcher.

Personal alarm for drivers

Many drivers appreciate having a personal alarm if they are involved in an accident or if they are being assaulted. The ability to have quick access to assistance is important! The alarm can be mobile or permanently installed.

Rough positioning

An alarm transmitter can use the GSM masts provide a rough positioning. If the vehicle stops or sends an alarm a message is sent with the exact GPS coordinates; a good system for freight trains and wagons.

GPS positioning

In the event of an intrusion or movement an alarm is sent to the alarm monitoring centre, which will see the vehicle's position and will subsequently send assistance to the site. NEO 2900 can be connected to the car alarm or to the central lock and also to the driver directly.


Receive alarms from monitored shipments where the temperature may not go over/under or deviate from the given temperature. Adjustable sensor.