NEO 2900 Basic

The basic model has an attached IR detector, something that many customers request - simplicity, good price and functionality.


The alarm has an infrared sensor mounted on a 30 cm long cable. The basic model has no other sensors because with this model we have focused on how it is used most.

Direct Alarm

Amigo NEO 2900 can be programmed to directly alarm multiple receivers through an SMS or a call. Security companies can, in certain cases, authorize the alarm to be programmed to directly send an alarm to a security guard's mobile phone.

Alarm monitoring centre

The alarm is normally connected to an alarm monitoring centre. NEO 2900 is approved and supports many alarm formats; it can send both direct alarms and to an alarm monitoring centre.

What you need - nothing else

  • 1 IR detector (range 7 meters)
  • Powerful built in battery
  • 240V charger included (12/24V optional)
  • Alerts up to 7 receivers
  • Normal operation approx. 20 days
  • ULP operation (Ultra Low Power) approx. 6 months
  • SMS warning when battery is low
  • Comes programmed and ready to use