NEO 2900 Custom

A virtual smorgasbord of alarm possibilities! We will customize your 2900 to your specific needs.


NEO 2900 allows you to connect external detectors, flashing lights, sirens, or the combination of detectors you need. We can manufacture small series of special alarms at very good prices and with a short delivery time.

Simply explain to us what needs you have, and we will suggest a solution for you.

Impressive alarm possibilities

  • Up to 16 I/O. The standard is 8 in + 8 out (500mA)
  • Heavy-duty charger, larger battery
  • Relay output no/nc 2a (siren, flashing lights...)
  • 1 - 2 analogue inputs for measurement
  • Input for 4-20mA industry standard sensors
  • Level sensor (tank/diesel alarm)
  • Can be equipped with a GPS
  • Can be equipped with an accelerometer
  • Can be equipped with a camera
  • Can be equipped with a display
  • ... and a few more things

The alarm on the above image is a temperature alarm with the intended use of monitoring transports of medicines. When the alarm is activated the alarm monitoring centre will also receive the vehicle's position (GPS).