NEO 2900 Hydro

Specifically designed for diesel depots. The pressure sensor in the alarm detects decreases or increases of liquid levels and sends an alarm.


The level sensor is placed on the bottom of the fuel tank. If the liquid level varies by a pre-specified value, an alert is sent to the recipients of your choice and/or your alarm monitoring centre. If someone touches the alarm or if the cable to the level sensor is cut, it sends a sabotage alarm.


  • 1 level sensor and 10-meter cable (range 0-3500 mm)
  • Sends an alarm if the cable is broken when the alarm is turned on
  • Anti-tamper function by way of a vibration sensor
  • Powerful built-in battery
  • 240V charger included (12/24V optional)
  • Alerts up to 7 receivers
  • Normal operation over 14 days (GSM module always on)
  • ULP operation (Ultra Low Power) approx. 6 months
  • SMS warning when battery is low
  • Can be on a constant power supply
  • Comes programmed and ready to use
  • Can be connected to any alarm monitoring centre