NEO 2900 Plus

En liten rubrik.

This model has added functionalities and longer operating time. In addition to the IR detector this alarm has a vibration sensor and double batteries.


In addition to the IR detector this alarm also has a built-in vibration sensor and a relay output for connection to a siren. A larger battery doubles the operating time.

The rugged alarm case

A high IP classification ensures longevity and high reliability. The electronics are protected against the ingression of dust particles and liquids. The alarm withstands water being flushed over it and being cleaned with disinfectant cleaners/alcohol.


  • 1 IR detector (range 7 meters)
  • Relay output no/nc 2a (siren, flashing lights...)
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Heavy-duty charger, lager battery
  • 240V charger included (12/24V optional)
  • Alerts up to 7 receivers
  • Normal operation over 30 days
  • ULP operation (Ultra Low Power) approx. 9-12 months
  • SMS warning when battery is low
  • Comes programmed and ready to use