From concept to security solution

We develop and manufacture mobile alarm systems and M2M equipment intended for professional use. On this web site we will present parts of the range, as our customer-specific solutions are not shown publicly.

Company history

We have extensive experience and have, amongst other things, developed systems for alarms, tracking and
remote shutdown for the Danish Post. We have also
delivered systems for secure lorry transports to Astra and Ericsson, alarms and tracking systems to our large banks and mapping functionality for Volvo's "On Call" system, the list goes on...

Today we are working on the mobile alarm solutions of the future, some of which can already be found on this web site.

Amigo in brief

Innovation and a close cooperation with our customers
enables us to offer solutions for a safer work environment. We create technical solutions that secure economic value and increase the quality of our partners' measures to improve security.

  • In-house developed products manufactured in Sweden.
  • Strategic partnerships with global suppliers of other products demanded.
  • Our clients receive affordable, easy and innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • One phone number, one point of contact. Amigo is and will always be a small business!