Amigo Mobile 4 - A unique solution

Our most sensational product Amigo Mobile is a completely wild idea. You cannot see it on the surface, but it is the result of our obsession with superior functionality.

Professional security work requires equipment that works flawlessly! Amigo Mobile 4 has a logical program design and the more you use it the more you will come to appreciate it. What makes it sensational is that it is an alarm monitoring centre in a mobile phone.

A mobile alarm receiving centre which:

    • receives alarms
    • acknowledges alarms
    • logs all events
    • positions mobile objects (map display).

Remote controlling alarms

Amigo Mobile allows all mobile alarms to be controlled remotely, you can: turn off/on, activate sensors, change settings and check the status.

Amigo Mobile is available in two versions and can be used with Android (mobile phones and tablets) or Windows Mobile. The choice of operating system and hardware is tailored to the needs of the user and the level of ruggedness required.