Made in Sweden

Amigo NEO is an approved and reliable platform for mobile alarms that meets the industry's high standards. NEO mobile alarm transmitters are designed to function perfectly, year after year.

We manufacture in Sweden for the following reasons:

  • a higher quality can be achieved
  • smaller series can be produced
  • for shorter lead times for manufacturing
  • and customization
  • for greater subcontractor responsibility
  • smaller customer-specific series can be made.

We listen and we learn

Our broad customer base with their own unique security requirements is our product development department. Our customers and users work in many different sectors and we use their ideas, opinions and experiences from the field as the basis for all our product development.

CE-approved and energy efficient

Amigo NEO is based on our innovative in-house developed platform, which is CE-and GSM-approved according to ETSI EN 301 511. A Neao alarm, in normal use, consumes only about 150W per year, which is equivalent to a couple of light bulbs for one hour.