Alarm case Duo

A cost effective entry-level package to get you started using Amigo alarms. Perfect as a rental alarm for temporary needs.

1x waterproof case
2x Amigo 320 IR

Operating the alarm

1. Place the alarms in the area to be monitored.
2. Send an SMS with the ON command to the alarms.

The alarm can be received directly on the security guards' mobile phones. If the alarms are connected to a monitoring centre, simply notify them of the location and give them the procedure instructions, and that's it!


  • The timer function can automatically control the on/off function (there is also a weekend setting).
  • Authorized users can: receive alarms, change the sensor settings, set the timer, and turn on /off the alarms. Everything is controlled using simple SMS commands sent from a mobile phone.
  • Can run on electric power or battery power for about 10 days.