NEO 400 personal alarm with Man Down

A personal alarm that combines maximum usability and long operating life. Developed for professional users.

Man Down function

NEO 400 will register if a person falls and remains on the floor and will send an alarm after a predetermined period of time. This function has many configuration options and is customized according to user requirements.

This feature is available in NEO 350 and NEO 400 by default and it can be activated remotely if needed.


  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Alarm button, Man Down function and fall alarm
  • Timer alarms can send an alarm after a predetermined time
  • Call Button for calls to a predetermined telephone number
  • Convenient leather carry bag (optional)
  • 2-party conversation in full duplex (mic. & speakers)
  • Alerts up to 7 receivers (9 different alarm formats)
  • SMS warning when the battery is low
  • Operating time of 72 h. with maximum functionality
  • Shock and water-resistant. IP class 66
  • 240V charger included (12/24V optional)
  • Can be connected to any alarm monitoring centre
  • An SMS alert with a map link and the identity of the alarm can be sent to any mobile phone
  • NEO 400 is also available with an IR detector