Vehicle alarm

A trackable alarm transmitter for installation in vehicles. An additional GSM alarm on top of the existing vehicle alarm, alcohol lock etc.


NEO 500 is an alarm extender that reports to the receivers of your choice and/or your alarm monitoring centre. It is to be connected to the vehicle's car alarm or alcohol lock. It is designed to be installed easily in 6-24V vehicle systems. The alarm input can be configured for five different functions.

Easy installation

NEO 500 only needs to be connected to the vehicle's power and the yellow wire to the desired function. All the settings are easily configured by a few simple SMS commands.


  • 6-24V battery power
  • Built-in GPS and GPS antenna
  • Input configured for:

- Ignition (auto mileage log)
- Car/boat alarms
- Alcohol locks
- Alarm buttons (a mounted assault alarm)

  • Optional: one/two-way voice communication
  • Optional: without GPS
  • Over/under-voltage alarm for the car battery
  • 5-day integrated battery backup
  • Low backup battery alarm
  • Transmits to up to seven receivers