Amigo 1.2.3

A starter pack with everything you need included. This alarm package facilitates a rapid installation, remote controlling and mobile reception of alarms.

The best seller!

1x waterproof case
3x Amigo 320 IR
1x Amigo Mobile 4

Scope of use

Amigo 1.2.3 could be used as a temporary alarm after a burglary, or if the ordinary alarm does not work or needs to be shut down. Other common uses are as:

  • a rental alarm (replacing the traditional alarm case)
  • a temporary property alarm
  • a container alarm on construction sites
  • an additional alarm for temporary storage units
  • for reconnaissance in cases of vandalism.

Full control

Using Amigo Mobile enables you to remotely control all alarms via an easy to use software on your mobile phone. The security guard can at the same time act as an alarm monitoring centre for the connected alarms.

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