Amigo Urbia

Handles information and receives alarms from devices with GPS. Keeps track of and monitors positions and alarms from transmitters in the field.

Mobile alarm monitoring centre

If a person or an object activates an alarm, it is received by Amigo Urbia which shows both the position and the reason for the alarm on the screen.


The alarm transmitters can continuously report their position via GPRS, and the operator can easily see where all the objects are located. The alarm transmitters can also be assigned fixed addresses; this function is intended for alarms without GPS.


Bring your alarm monitoring centre with you and set up a provisional monitoring centre wherever you are. Amigo Urbia can be installed on a laptop; a safe and reliable Track & Trace solution for professional users.


We provide a number of services for receiving alarms and positioning while being mobile. These services are tailored to individual needs meaning that some are web based and others with higher security requirements are server or PC-based.